I began my journey into massage by completing a Certificate IV in Massage at TAFE FNQ in Cairns.   On completion, I was employed full-time as a sub-contractor at Cairns Osteopathic Clinic for a period of 3.5 years in total.   

Subsequent studies have included completing my Diploma of Remedial Massage.   During this time I developed a special interest in pain management and rehabilitation.     An ongoing thirst for knowledge led me to complete a Bachelor or Health Science (Complementary Medicine). 

I have managed and run my own private massage clinic since leaving Cairns Osteopathic Clinic in 2009.  The clinic is still growing and has a well established client base. 

Further studies in the field of Somatics and bodywork for trauma survivors is currently being undertaken.   A somatic approach recognizes that each body pattern is an outward manifestation of deeper mental and emotional aspects of a person.   A somatic therapist views the body as a malleable form, whose given postures and movement styles outwardly express their myriad of thoughts and feelings.    In a state of health, the soma (which somatic philosopher Thomas Hanna describes as "the living body in its wholeness") moves with grace, ease and coordination.  Conversely, inner conflicts and unresolved psychological issues manifest in chronic holding patterns. 

Tania MacSweeney

I am currently involved in developing a project that offers clients (who are survivors of trauma and/or abuse), access to structured touch therapy and bodywork under the strict direction and supervision of refering psychotherapists.